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Helmut Lang’s Burnt Archive by Elfie Semotan
Creative Direction: Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler, Albert Handler
Art Direction: Albert Handler
Photography: Elfie Semotan
Assistance: Ivo Kocherscheidt
Styling: Elfie Semotan


most interesting items of helmut lang’s spring summer collection 1994 were the latex rubber pieces imprinted with lace. I think the dress of the blog page is a dress from that serie. Photographer and stylist of helmut lang’s burnt archive is elfie semotan who was also one of his models for several years.

quote from elfie semotan published by vogue.com article: Helmut had special ties with a lot of the models and almost everyone who worked for him backstage. When he had relationships, he was very attentive and thoughtful, and all that was mirrored in how the shows were organized. The way Helmut simplified hair and makeup didn’t make him look simple, but really avant-garde, always the freshest and the most modern in the best sense. The models knew that, they loved it, and knew they were chosen not only for their looks, but also for their personalities. The first time I walked for him, I was excited and nervous at the same time.

August, my younger son, who was 10 years old then, came to see me during the preparations for the show and asked me, quite worried, if I knew that I was by far the oldest of all the girls walking the runway. I was 51, and I knew! I also knew that I could rely on Helmut to judge if it was good or not to have me on the runway. After reassuring him, I think August was even proud, and so was I. In the following seasons, it was an experience I didn’t want to miss’.

photographs; condé nast archive