re edition magazine x stella tennant

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re-edition magazine
1st (re) edition
photography: mark borthwick
model: stella tennant


Re-edition is an independent art and fashion photography quarterly publication launched in 2015, by Eddie Eldridge who previously worked at a photography gallery and the British fashion stylist Jo Barker. The magazine juxtaposes classic imagery with new work from interesting stylist’s / photographers like Lotta Volkova, Harley Weir and Ethan James Green. The magazine will concentrate on featuring interesting designers and brands in each issue, collaborating closely on special projects. According to Barker, the title of the magazine comes from Martin Margiela who used the words ‘re-edition’ for a selection of archive pieces he was releasing. Eldridge and Barker met at the Arles photography festival and were inspired by magazines like i-D, Dutch and The Face. With Re-Edition, they have set out to create a magazine that showcases their love of art and fashion photography.

Past and present met on the two covers of the début issue of Re­-Edition,  with the choice of either a rare archival image from 1997 of the iconic Stella Tennant by Mark Borthwick or Harley Weir’s dreamy image of an androgynous young man dolled up in a dress by Vetements. 

on this page you can find stella tennant photographed by Mark Borthwick in 1997.  Photograph from blog page is from the same serie.