helmut lang x kirsten owen

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photography: juergen teller
model: kirsten owen

backstage helmut lang presentation aw 9798 


kirsten owen and stella tennant at presentation helmut lang, aw 9798. 

Stella Tennant:
“It felt like a tribe, and I felt I belonged in it. It was always exciting to see the new collection. We’d have several outfits, so each fitting took time. The shows always had a buzz backstage, always great music, and Kirsten Owen and other girls I liked. His was the only show that mixed up the generations. He always wanted the show superfast. It was fine to overtake someone if she was dawdling in front of you. I loved doing those shows. Helmut is still a friend (and something of a mentor) now.”

quote article ‘What Was It Like to Model for Helmut Lang? published at vogue.com