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louise bourgeois
photography: bruce weber
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bruce weber: ‘helmut lang asked me to take a picture of louise. i asked if it was important to show any objects or clothes, and he said ‘no, but i made a little crown for her and maybe she’ll wear it, maybe she won’t’.


Right; spiral women sculpture of Louise bourgois, 1984.

Left; spiral Woman sculpture Helmut Lang store, paris.

‘When I first met Louise, in 1997, my car stopped in front of her town house. She was waiting at the top of the steps. ‘Bonjour Helmut, welcome!’ she said, and kissed me. It took only this one moment to know that we had similar souls, and that this would be the beginning not only of our collaboration but of a long friendship.’ Helmut Lang

quote from w magazine, published september 2010, ‘louise ‘s last year’ with photographs of Alex Van Gelder.