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When  conceptual artist Jenny Holzer and helmut Lang first joined forces in the mid 90s collaboration wasn’t very common. they came together for the first time at the suggestion of late critic Ingrid Sischy and  created an installation, ‘I Smell You on My Clothes’, for the 1996 Florence Biennale. They constructed a place filled with Lang’s fragrance and Holzer’s LED slogans plastered around the room, designed to recreate the lingering scent of a lover.

When Lang released his first fragrances in 2000, Helmut Lang Parfum and Helmut Lang Eau de Cologne, he collaborated again with Jenny Holzer. with the support of  art- director Marc Atlan they conspired to eschew typical fragrance imagery and created a product-free campaign, consisted only of block, lyrical text. With no product shots and a tiny logo, it was anti-advertising, invested in the conceptual rather than the commercial.