harley weir x lotta volkova x issey miyake

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dress: issey miyake, Guest Artist Series No. 1, Yasumasa Morimura 
photography: harley weir
styling: lotta volkova 
hair: Gary Gill
make up: Nami Yoshida
model: Suzi Leenaars

published by Re-Edition Magazine 2016

From 1996 issey miyake developed a series of clothes, collaborating with some contemporary artists called ‘Pleats Please Issey Miyake Guest Artist Series’. The artwork on the dress of the photograph above is from series ‘No. 1: Yasumasa Morimura for Pleats Please’.

The painting is called Portrait (La Source 1,2,3), based on the painting La Source by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres of 1856. The final result created an interesting effect on the dress, where the bold colors contrasted the naked and pale skin of the goddess. 

Image on blogpage is a detail from photograph above.