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dirk van saene, fall 1990 
photography: ronald stoops
make up: inge grognard

Inge Grognard/Ronald Stoops, Ludion

Dirk van Saene graduated from the Academy of Antwerp in 1981. Before he became known as one of the Antwerp Six he owned a boutique ‘Beauties & Heroes’, where he sold his own creations. Two years after opening the shop, he won the gold medal at Belgium’s prestigious Gouden Spoel contest. As one of the Antwerp Six, he proceeded to the British Designer Show in London, and in 1989 took part in their collective show. Later, in 1990-1991, they shared their showroom presentation in Paris. In March 1990 he organized his first show in Paris with the Dirk Van Saene collection.

Van Saene has always maintained a small company and scale of production, distribued to a limited selection of shops worldwide, which puts the minimum pressure to compromise on his eccentric, heartfelt vision. Collection after collection has featured hand-painted clothing and printed reproductions of his paintings on fabric. Van Saene also instructs in fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, works as an artist, stylist and curator for several exhibitions.

photographs above were taken at presentation spring summer 2000.