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bless Nº00 Fur wig, 1996
fits every style! cut and try.
courtesy of bless


In order to achieve further attention, the designers of Bless decided to buy advertising space in carefully selected fashion magazines to promote a wig made of fur coats. The Polaroids show friends and clients including Cécile Bortoletti, a friend, photographer and filmmaker and one of Bless’ first ‘muses’. Photograph is published in ‘BLESS: celebrating 10 years of themelessness’ Nº 00 — Nº 29. 

Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag started the label Bless after Patrick Scallon of maison martin Margiela spotted the N°00 Fur Wig ads in i-D magazine, and commissioned them for his AW 97 98.