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bless N°06 customizable footwear
october 1998

‘bless N°06 customizable footwear (Limited Edition of 250 chances)Thank you Charles Jourdan thank you New Balance’. (text on red / white paper)

In 1998 Bless produced a vacuum-sealed pack containing all the elements needed to make a shoe; Bless N°06 Customizable Footwear. The aim was to give the consumer a level of freedom and customization in a world where products are spoon-fed to them. 

‘Some of the products are quite unusual and therefore require a certain self-confidence from the customer, who can’t rest on comparable experiences. Other products look classic and unspectacular, but also needs a certain confidence from the consumer. The ultimate goal is a comfortable and good quality garment in an understated and timeless style, that touches on the consumer’s personality delicately but won´t attract attention by itself ‘. 

text and left photograph;, right photograph; courtesy of bless.