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ader error, ader air
re-packing & re-shaping 
installation for launch popup store in collaboration with i.t hong kong


Formed by an anonymous design crew, the Seoul-based label Ader Error was first established in 2014. The word ADER is a play on phonetics, drawing attention to overlooked and near-missed things that are often categorized as ‘other’. Minimal and oversized slihouettes, often vintage-hued, ADER error’s offbeat flair can be likened to a mishmash of functional yet eccentric items in colourful palette.

Ader Error has teamed up with I.T Hong Kong january 2018 to launch its first-ever pop-up store in Asia. for launch of this temporary store ader error created an installation in collaboration with i.t hong kong, ‘re-packing & re-shaping’.