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‘Footprint – The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion’ at MoMu Antwerp 2015 / 2016
jurgi persoons spring summer 97
Courtesy of MoMu / Frédéric Uyttenhove


At the end of 2015 and the beginning 2016 Momu Antwerp organized ‘Footprint-The tracks of Shoes in Fashion’. The exhibition told the story of inspirational and groundbreaking fashion shoes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The presentation gave the spotlight to fashion and shoe designers who left their footprint on the world of shoes. Geert Bruloot and Eddy Michiels, shoe collectors, founders of cocodrillo shoe store and the curators of this exhibition have spent thirty years collecting fashionable shoes that inspire them. Two hundred pairs of which MoMu houses in its collection.

In addition to the exhibition, the book ‘Footprint- The tracks of Shoes in Fashion’ published by Lannoo is also released. The book contains over 30 interviews from Geert Bruloot with world-renowned shoe and fashion designers who created the famous shoes of the last four decades. Besides personal stories and experiences from the designers, the book also includes photographs of the Bruloot-Michiels collection shot by Frédéric Uyttenhove.

One of the designers Geert interviewed is Martin Margiela, designer of one of fashion’s most recognizable footprints: Margiela’s tabi boot; interpretation of the split-toed Japanese tabi sock. for his ss89 presentation Margiela drenched his models in red paint, so that the unusual footprints they left behind were clearly visible on the white catwalk; as he told Brulot, “I thought the audience should notice the new footwear. And what would be more evident than its footprint?” Margiela later turned this first, stained runway decorated with the steps of the models into a waistcoat which became the opening look of his next AW89 show, held together by brown scotch tape. Ever since, the Tabi shoe has become one of the most iconic pieces of all time.