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bam no.3 summer ’90, page 1 and 2
photography: ronald stoops
make up: inge grognard
art direction: anne kurris

‘scream for the 90’s’

bam no3


right photograph is the cover of bam no.3. No publication exemplifies the Belgium Bam which ran for only 3 issues (1 supplement was also produced); my favourite magazine from the nineties. Unfortunately the magazine isn’t complete anymore, but the front, as you can see on the blog page did survive.

Under the careful eye of art director Anne Kurris Bam exploded into the world in 1988. The main contributors are Walter Van Beirendonck and Dirk van Saene as stylist, Ronald Stoops as photographer and Inge Grognard on make up duties, with eye popping post modern shoots featuring Ann Demeulemeester, martin Margiela, Dries van noten, Walter van beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene and recent Royal Academy graduates.

Photographer of left image is ronald stoops made in collaboration with make up artist inge grognard, published on the second page of bam no. 3. the photograph is also published in the book ‘INGE GROGNARD/RONALD STOOPS’. ‘This book starts and ends with a scream’, says Inge Grognard. One of the images she is referring to is the black-and-white photo above of Kristina de Coninck with her two brothers. ‘The scream symbolizes how Ronald and I communicate. To outsiders the way we work together must come across as very harsh. We tend to yell at each other a lot and discussions can easily get out of hand.’